David and Goliath

It was a pleasant surprise for me, a few days ago, to be asked to write about the upcoming Stanford – UConn game. Some of the media (whom I gotten to know and adore as an newly adopted daughter of the state of Connecticut) wanted a distinctly Stanford perspective of the match-up. As a recent graduate and former player at Stanford, (and a very outspoken, opinionated and even biased Nerd Nation minion,) that request comes second nature too me.

Basketball is a game of respect. If Wilson or Spalding created college hoops commandments, the top ones would be: respect your school, respect your coaches, respect your teammates, and most importantly, when the ball is tossed up, respect your opponents because if you don’t, you will feel their wrath. Every program respects what UConn and Coach Geno has done for the game of basketball. Everybody respects the amount of talent, combined with precision they display every time they walk onto the floor. But one thing I have also realized is that while the crown is glittering gold, it is also heavy. Oftentimes in such situations, the world expects perfection. No slip ups. No losses, especially when you have this or that player. To achieve what they have over and over again, is remarkable and special. Therefore, the best way for an opponent to gain/demand respect is by dethroning such royalty. I call that Mission Impossible. Continue reading


#TeamO Player Profile – Ameh Simon Owoicho

Name: Ameh Simon Owoicho

Age: 18

Hometown: Benue State, Nigeria

Team: Dodan Warriors Junior Team

Ameh started playing basketball in 2007 at the age of 12 and instantly fell in love with this fun, dynamic game. His favorite players are the great point guards that grace the NBA: Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving and Steve Nash. Basketball is and always will be fun for Ameh; it gives him so much happiness and keeps him away from the negative influences that often lure youth in. He is grateful to have found basketball because it completely changed his attitude about life; he has learned the importance of teamwork, compassion for his others and the motivation to push through all forms of adversity. Ameh hopes to use basketball to improve his circumstances. Continue reading

Fall TV So Far


Until this past week, season 4 of Scandal hadn’t been too scandalous. (Maybe because the main scandal of the show is Olivia and Fitz’s relationship, which is a no-go right now.) Some of my guy friends say they won’t watch the show because it is too mushy. To some degree, I do not blame them; I thought the show was going to be a modern take on The West Wing, but instead it is dominated by the love triangle(s). Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Scandal! For 3 seasons I have been a proud member of #TeamFitz, but Jake’s swag has gone from 0-100 real quick *Drake voice* and has definitely given Fitz some serious competition. 

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