Fall TV So Far


Until this past week, season 4 of Scandal hadn’t been too scandalous. (Maybe because the main scandal of the show is Olivia and Fitz’s relationship, which is a no-go right now.) Some of my guy friends say they won’t watch the show because it is too mushy. To some degree, I do not blame them; I thought the show was going to be a modern take on The West Wing, but instead it is dominated by the love triangle(s). Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Scandal! For 3 seasons I have been a proud member of #TeamFitz, but Jake’s swag has gone from 0-100 real quick *Drake voice* and has definitely given Fitz some serious competition. 

The dynamic between Olivia gaining trust in her father and Jake trying to take him down has brought this show back to life! Even though Jake took the first ‘L,’ I have a feeling this isn’t going to be like Mayweather vs. Pacquiao; this fight between Jake and Elijah is going to last a couple of rounds. And how epic was that long rant Fitz gave Mellie about her recent behavior? It was also good seeing Olivia Pope “pull an Olivia Pope” on those blackmailing parents. But more importantly, we are back to the good ole days as the last seconds of the episodes leave us OMG-ing and yelling at the screen… If only Fitz gave Jake a minute of his time. If only Olivia took Jake’s phone call. To wrap up, even though the best and most authentic political drama out there right now is House of Cards, Scandal has single-handedly changed the meaning of Thursday. Shonda Rhimes, “you da real MVP!”

Sidenote: while this truly is a magnificent cast, Joe Morton (Elijah Pope/Olivia’s father) and Guillermo Diaz (Huck) are in a class of their own. (Obviously, Kerry Washington is television royalty, which goes without saying.)

It was also pretty cool to see Gone Girl featured in the premiere episode. That is a contemporary must read! The way Gillian Flynn allows the reader to get into the heads of her complex characters is nuts, for lack of a better word.

And of course, Olivia’s outfits have been impeccable but my favorite pieces so far have been her boots and the grey Gucci belted coat.

How to Get Away with Murder

Viola Davis is another fierce yet vulnerable Shonda Rhimes-ean female lead. While Olivia Pope has the pant suit/coat game on lock, don’t sleep on the fitted midi-dresses Professor Keating rocks; those are flawless too. Once you get past the fact that Alfred Enoch aka Wes Gibbins aka the guy from Harry Potter is eye candy, the show seems extremely promising. I think it sealed the deal for all of us this week when we found out that:

1) Wes Gibbins is not really building genuine relationships with his peers, but instead is manipulating those relationships for the benefit of the case,

2) and when they ended this last episode with a BANG as Professor Keating removed her hair and makeup… (yaaasss Viola! It takes a real secure woman to do that on television)… and asked her husband why his “business” was on the dead girl’s phone. It was such a powerful scene. Like goosebumps, powerful.

No Wig

Overall, I’ve easily become intrigued by the way the cases are resolved, the underlying mystery, and the irony of what the students have done/are doing. And best of all, we have something to do after Scandal!


Given my love for Friday Night Lights, Nashville was an easy show to jump on board. (Connie Britton did features for the NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four in Nashville, so she instantly became my team’s favorite.) It’s another love triangle for television, but at least it has good music. (And that is coming from an R&B chick.) Unfortunately, the music has taken a backseat to the show and rightfully so this time: Juliette Barnes is pregnant. And thank goodness that it’s not by that evil label guy, Jeff Fordham, because he might be the second best misogynistic TV villain behind Joffrey from Game of Thrones. 

Grey’s Anatomy

This used to be my Scandal. Now it’s the show before Scandal. After they killed McSteamy aka Mark Sloane, it wasn’t the same for me. The story lines haven’t been as dramatic. Not even a long lost sister can save that. This past week got a little interesting with the Ellis Grey/Richard Webber flashbacks but I’m still not sold. I still watch Grey’s for Karev’s killer sarcasm, obviously Jackson Avery (but real talk, I support Jesse Williams and his voice off the screen), and of course I keep watching because once Shonda Rhimes thinks you’re not, there’s a plane crash or your favorite character dies. Keep your eyes open people.


Last season’s final episode was a gamechanger! And now Revenge is as interesting as ever thanks to the Emily vs. Victoria war heating up. Was I the only one who was late to realize that David Clark was actually alive? All that facial hair confused me, but nonetheless HE IS ALIVE. I don’t like how he still loves Victoria after all this time. And of course Victoria will use those emotions against his own daughter, whom he thinks is dead. Even though we root for Emily, Victoria has always been the star of the show. Nneka and I would always laugh at all the hateful one-liners Victoria and Conrad would throw at each other. (It should also be noted that if Nolan Ross existed in real life, we’d all want him as a bestie. He might be the best dressed guy on television behind Harvey Specter of course.) This is one of those shows where I really want the happy-ever-after but that was ruined after the wedding, failed mission, death of Aiden, etc. Nonetheless, I am impressed that this show still commands some attention. I blame it on Sunday. It’s nice to have new TV Sunday nights.

Sons of Anarchy

The creators of this show are some of the best in the game right now. Sons of Anarchy is a great example of niche television. Now, niche television is huge as its audiences are going mainstream. I was in an elevator at an apartment in downtown Schio, Italy and saw this.


It being the final season, for some reason I expect a Breaking Bad “he was destined to die for his cause” ending. Jax Teller is everything. He is smart guy with a twisted sense of morality, leading this biker gang into war with no prisoners. We all know someone that epic deserves an epic ending… Is it just me or did you notice that Gemma has been the biggest problem for the club since it started?

Sidenote: I saw a guy in the mall wearing a SAMCRO T-shirt back in the US and gave him that secret I-watch-the-show–too-and-yes-it-is-awesome head nod. I have to get one ASAP.

I also think Charlie Hunnam was right for pulling out of the movie 50 Shades of Grey. I thought Ian Somerhaulder (Vampire Diaries) would be perfect for that role. But both of them are too good for it; the potential criticism is too big of a risk.

Vampire Diaries

Speaking of Ian Somerhalder, Vampire Diaries is now the only vampire show I watch now that True Blood ended. (Kudos to True Blood for giving audiences a desirable ending! TV will miss Eric Northman, though.) Unfortunately, the Vampire Diaries has lost me in all of its dopplegangers, hybrids, witches, etc. Let’s be real, the show needs Klaus back! But I still watch, I don’t really know why.


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